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Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil 1Litre | Buy in Nigeria |

Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil 1Litre

24h hydration and immediate comfort right from the shower Ultra-nourishing Anti-irritation Cleanses, restores lipids and soothes This oil is creamy and silky, subtly scented and non-greasy. Its ultra light foamis specifically designed to respect the most sensitive skin. The skin is satin and ultra comfortable. The skin is 39% more moisturised after 1 month*.

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

We Care About Your Skin, Black Girl Sunscreen is Infused with Natural Ingredients Being Oxybenzone and Octinoxate free means you won’t have about toxics disrupting your hormones, and your sunscreen being environmentally friendly. Avocado moisturizes, reduces signs of aging, and treats sunburns. Containing vitamin E and antioxidants is what makes avocado one of the hottest trends in the natural skincare industry. Not only using avocado oil but eating avocado on a weekly basis can be very beneficial and necessary for your skin. Jojoba soothes and moisturizes the skin leaving it flawless while preventing acne. Hydrating your skin is crucial to skin health and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Cacao provides powerful anti-oxidants and evens out the complexion of your skin for a smooth, consistent skin tone. Carrot Juice contains vitamin C which enables it to promote healing and even boost the level of melanin in the skin. Carrot juice has been known to even out acne breakouts too. Sun Flower Oil prevents skin irritation from sunburn and other skin irritants. This nutrient-rich oil provides inflammation relief as well.

Hadalabo Cleansing Oil

  • A combination of high purity olive oil (cleaning component) carefully selected for its gentleness to the skin and two types of hyaluronic acid (moisturizing component) super hyaluronic acid, skin adsorption type hyaluronic acid oil cleansing that blended.
  • Waterproof mascara can also be removed gently.
  • No fragrance, no coloration, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free.